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Sep 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
execution, whether it was robert griffin making outstanding plays. it's not going to happen, and i love that because it's a "refuse to lose" mentality. >> chris: he said on the plane ride last week, don't let anybody tell you it's okay. we didn't win the game. that's what this is about. second half, zuerlein drops it in there and the 15 yard line. niles paul picks it up. and the redskins at the 15. tim ryan, chris myers. we hope you're enjoying the game. we certainly are. i think that was your question regarding robert griffin iii. what does he do for an encore. >> tim: i think he's everything he's advertised to be. i talked with him about keeping it in the pocket. throwing from the pocket. he's been brilliant out of the pocket. 8 for 11. he's also rushed five times for 30 yards a pop. so he's impressive, and he will give these guys problems here in the second half. >> chris: and he's maintained his cool when the hot heads were loose. albert morris, first down. and robert quinn running him back. let's check in on the field with jaime maggio. >> jaime: thanks, chris. you were talk about
Sep 20, 2012 4:00pm EDT
." everybody knows the robert blake murder trial. >> dr. phil: did you kill your wife? >> of course not. >> dr. phil: did you shoot her? >> that's a weird thick for you to ask. >> announcer: now in an exclusive interview. >> dr. phil: do you think you're crazy? >> but most people's standards, i'm committable. >> announcer: the actor behind the attitude is revealed. >> i have no people skills. i'm not house broken. >> announcer: dr. phil goes inside the home. >> this wall is to keep myself sane. this is to remind me not to kill myself. >> announcer: and inside the mind of robert blake. >> dr. phil: if this is the last interview you ever do, what is the last thing you want to say? it was a celebrity murder trial that had hollywood on the edge of its seat. >> stunning verdict this afternoon in the murder trial of the former "baretta" star. not guilty of murder in the first degree. >> this small band of dedicated warriors saved my life. >> dr. phil: overnight this tv and film actor went from famous to infamous finding himself in the starring role of fighting for his life when he was accused of kil
Sep 9, 2012 11:15pm EDT
begin with, i don't know, some guy named robert griffin iii and the redskins, who somehow, some way, not only matched the hype surrounding his nfl debut, but he surpassed it, if that's possible, and it is possible. rg iii one of five nfl rookie quarterbacks starting in week one. but his day was the best. second play of scrimmage. on the option, keeper. there are the wheels we were talking. 12-yard gain led to a field goal on his first nfl drive. redskins trailing 7-3 at this point. griffin gets hit. doesn't matter. 88yards, for number 88. that's a touchdown, and how about that, griffin completes his first 8 passes. second degree, 3rd and goal, griffin the rookie, actually a second year guy, was on the practice yard last year. 5yards to the house. griffin's second td pass of the day. redskins up. at the end of the first half, punt is blocked. lead is 20-14. long snapper broke his left arm on the play and stayed in the game. 3rd quarter, griffin rolls, throws deep to robinson, incomplete. but called for pass interference. 31-yard penalty, on the next play, the rookie right there, morr
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
ayala arlene t. babakitis eustace p. bacchus john j. badagliacca jane ellen baeszler robert j. baierwalter andrew j. bailey brett t. bailey tatyana bakalinskaya michael s. baksh sharon m. balkcom michael andrew bane katherine bantis and my uncle, all this punishes that my brother missed meeting by 10 days. even though i didn't get to meet him, i really feel like i know him because my family talks about him a lot. he was a happy, fun loving, caring, proud american. who loves sailing, and skiing just like i do. i think them every time i see 9/11. we miss you and love you always. >> and my uncle john list and my aunt, so the snp are so. gerard baptiste walter baran gerard a. barbara paul vincent barbaro james william barbella ivan kyrillos f. barbosa victor daniel barbosa colleen ann barkow matthew barnes melissa rose barnes sheila patricia barnes evan j. baron renee barrett-arjune arthur thaddeus barry diane g. barry maurice vincent barry scott d. bart carlton w. bartels guy barzvi inna b. basina alysia basmajian kenneth william basnicki stephen joseph bates. paul james battagli
Sep 20, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. but that is where the similarities end because roberts coming from his very conservative background, very stable background, is a true conservative, and he believes that the constitution neeth to change the irony is one believes in change and one really believes in stability and it is roberts is the one who wants change. >> rose: we conclu this evening with karen elliott house, a pulitzer recipient for covering the middle east. >> on saudi arabia. >> so i think the country has problems, all of these problems of unemployment, wealth distribution, housing, poverty in a country that has got that much money, and those are not going to get better without some real younger energetic leadership. >> rose: the hone 5, the prem court, and saudi arabia, when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: the highly anticipated iphone 5 will be available to the public tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., it is thinner, longer and faster than previous models, more than 244 million i phone
Sep 29, 2012 4:30pm EDT
because of your color. ..merica, robert [applause] >> thank you. jim, thank you. that was such a wonderful introduction. in fact, it was such a wonderful introduction it reminds me of what johnson said when he got a nice introduction. he said he wished his parents were alive to hear it. [laughter] because his father would have loved it, and his mother would have believed it. [laughter] you know, when winston churchill was writing, he was asked how he was coming along, and he said,ce i'mst working on the 5th of the projected four volume. [laughter] well, i'm not comparing myselfof to wipe stone church hill, but with regard to the lyndon johnson biography, we're sort of in the same boat. i've been writing about johnson so long people askre me, don't u get bored? the answer is that the very opposite is true. one reason they are not about lyndon johnson, i never had the slightest interest in writing a book just to tell the life of a famous man. from the moment i first thoughte of doingrt books, i thought of i biographies -- i thought of biographies as a way of examining the great forces that s
Sep 30, 2012 7:45pm EDT
dealt with the commerce clause issue yes, five of them including john roberts said it exceeds the bet exceeds the power because it is so unusual. in other words they didn't cast down a month to meet the among the president's. they gave congress the power under the understanding of the commerce clause so there is a sense in which it me be one of to the of the calls could be more important but we just don't know. we will have to see. so, my time is up and i am really sorry that i had to do my signing before because i had to catch a plane so i won't see you at the signing table but thank you very much for coming. [applause] said that even a part of the 2011 national book festival here in washington, d.c.. to find out more, visit jeffrey to the reports on the relationship which in the obama administration and the u.s. supreme court. the author exam of the recent addition of the four justices in the past five years and how it has affected the court's decisions on the numerous cases including its recent ruling on health care. it's about an hour. [applause] thank you. hello
Sep 29, 2012 5:15pm EDT
through kennedy's and johnson's fight for the nomination and goes into how robert kennedy tried to remove johnson from the ticket and johnson's vice president see. 47 days are reserved and covers the first forty-seven days of johnson's presidency. that is what i call "the passage of power". between kennedy's assassination on november 22nd, 1963, and johnson's first state of the union on jan. eighth 1964. >> host: tomorrow we have david meredith who is another presidential biographer talking about his book barack obama:the story. booktv we asked if he had a question for you and he had two and are want to read those. you seem to have a remarkable capacity to maintain your excitement and curiosity about a single subject over a longer period of time. first question. have you found that your excitement and curiosity about lbj has increased rather than diminished over the years? >> guest: terrific question. the answer is yes. as i have said, i regard these books as not being about lyndon johnson alone but being about political power and how it works in america. it is important that we understan
Sep 13, 2012 8:30pm PDT
think i have covered the proposed route on port property. now i would like to invite robert donovan, the senior planner of land and environmental management, to provide a project description overview. he is here with the principal project manager representing pg&e. thank you, robert. >> good afternoon. thanks for having us today. it was mentioned that we discussed this with brad recently, the project we are proposing, and it is to serve downtown san francisco. the map shows the route. there are three alternatives we're currently proposing. the blue route the goes to the bay is the route that would be on port property. so i guess that is the one you're most interested in. the reason behind the project is that the embarcadero substation is now served by two cables. this third cable installation would provide a lot more flexibility for city projects, and then in case of outages like earthquakes, as you mentioned. the project, as proposed, would start at potrero station in the south and then go into the bay, go down about two city blocks. and then along 23rd street, into the bay. along
Sep 29, 2012 11:30pm EDT
for todd blackledge and holly rowe we send it to robert flores. # >> all right. welcome inside the college football studios, electric game in lincoln between nebraska and wisconsin and what an electric individual performance by west virginia quarterback geno smith. west virginia first gave him the big 12 taking on baylor a two-record, 656-yard passing, eight touchdowns and the mountaineers hold off to beat baylor 70-63. west virginia will take on texas next. we'll show you the longhorns in a second. look at the numbers for robert griffin iii, heisman winner from a season ago and geno smith because of the games. # once again, mountaineers will visit austin thex yeek. tonight longhorns came back to beat oklahoma state in stillwater. david ash to mike davis inside the 5. that set up joe bergeron's touchdown run. david ash set a career high for completions with 28 and the longest come back to win 31 31 ---41-36. to the s.e.c. south carolina earning their ninth straight win dating back to next season. tied for the longest streak in their school history but the
Sep 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. robert griffin iii was spectacular this afternoon against the saints. we are joined with more. far hadt griffin iii by best outing. new orleans. he became the first rookie in 62 years to lead his team to 40 a season opener. as the redskins overcame the odds. not the same for robert came marching 88 yard field with an touchdown. he threw another touchdown and the first rookie in 42 a perfectnd with rating. game, griffin was his own credit. .> nothing is ever perfect were some plays and passes i had back. not be a downer. game. the about that. >> they had a chance to tie it in the game. >> we knew what we had to do. >> the redskins held on, 40-32. they showered their quarterback with love. >> rg3! rg3! >> that was phenomenal. >> we will have more on griffin other stars coming up in sports. in new orleans, abc 7 news. >> local fans of both teams bar in d.c..he they could both agree on rg3. good to see them that excited. on acking incident trail involving a police officer. while tapinglled g part in president obama's motorcade. and the tragic >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your
Sep 10, 2012 4:30am EDT
. increases and automatic cuts threatened to trigger a recession. >> hail to the redskins and sensation robert griffin iii. they opened the season with an victory on the road in new orleans. hope this is a glimpse of things to come. rg3 was sensational. drew brees was not the better quarterback. the saints went undefeated last season. yesterday.d it did not take long for robert griffin to usher in a new redskins era and he did it in on this 88-yard touchdown pierre garcon. >> he caught it high over the middle and did a good job finishing applied. i commend him for that. me the ball from that touchdown. my first touchdown in the nfl. >> it was on the screen a couple times. >> then robert griffin went on with this past august robinson. cane makes plays and you see why we are excited about him. .> there was a deep throw 33-25, redskins. >> making them earn everything was our mindset. >> drew brees throws up a hail pass. win and the team was all smiles coming off the .ield >> played awfully hard to allow a game. a good football team today. they never gave up. but kept fighting back. but came away
Sep 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
the affordable care act is going to look like. what the robert's court legacy will be going forward. that's all after the break. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most colorful options... ...across every possible price range... ...our budgets won't be picking the style. we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now get $37 basic installation on all special order carpet. [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? so it can feel like you're using nothing at all. but neosporin® eczema essentials™ is different. its multi-action formula restores visibly healthier skin in 3 days. neosporin® eczema
FOX News
Sep 23, 2012 7:00am PDT
in the presidential cast all did it early. >> kelly: what really happened in libya? that question put to robert gibbs on fox news sunday today. chris wallace joins us live. >> jamie: a man finds himself inside the cage of a siberian tiger at the zoo and now he is speaking about the incident. despite the bites and bruises he is happy about what happened. >> kelly: okay? new concerns about levels of dangerous toxin in your rice. what you need to know to keep your family safe. e now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. ther
Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. folks, now on to washington where robert griffin iii makes his eagerly awaited home debut. solomon wilcots is there. how does a rookie quarterback plan to make it a successful outing against the bengals today? >> well, j.b., you know when you talk to robert griffin iii, you come away with a keen understanding that he is a wise soul. he doesn't seem like a rookie quarterback at all. he said that he plans to attack the bengals deep and has an aggressive tendency to creep up to the line of scrimmage. more specifically, he wants to use the running game and play-action pass to attack the bengals safety. this is a bengals defense giving up over 400 yards in each of their first two ballgames. rg3 will be without one of his best wide receivers in pierre garcon who is out with a foot injury for the second consecutive week, j.b. leonard hankerson will start instead. james: all right, solly with a light on the situation there. thank you, buddy. we'll hear from rg3 as well as from his fellow rookie quarterback andrew luck of the colts. that will be later on. there are a lot of battles of the t
Sep 10, 2012 4:25am EDT
rookie quarterback robert griffin iii. >> he became the first rookie quarterback to start since 1961. >> reporter: griffin went six for six and leading the team to the field goal. on the second play, it took only one drive to make the play. >> they blitzed on that play and i was looking to throw to my hot guy and he got covered so pierre was the primary receiver on that so i had enough time to look at it. >> robert flu a great ball. robert through -- robert through a great ball. >> robert did an unbelievable job for him to play the way he first game in the national football league. with the poise that he played and some of the throws that he made and just to execute the offense. >> the kid, he made some plays that you can see why we were excited about getting him. the play that he made to fred davis and comes back and throws the ball to fred along the sidelines, those plays, i mean he was playing. >> reporter: griffin finished the day 19 of 26 for 320 yards and two touchdowns. touchdowns. so where does this game stack one all of his other great football moments? >> it is at the top.
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
right now. >> reporter: coming up in sports we'll talk about robert griffin, iii who set nfl records in his debut against the saints all coming up later in sports. >> if you have a story idea, call us, 202-895-3000. shoot or e-mail to heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message. >>> today bp announced it's citying some of its assets in the gulf to -- selling some of its assets in the gulf to help cover the cost of the blowout several years ago. bp still has six drilling rigs operating in the gulf and expects to have eight in place by year end. >>> a holdup for a taxicab meter system. a d.c. board says drivers cannot install smart meters until a contracting issue is resolved. the contract appeals board said the district didn't prove the installations were necessary before the dispute could be cleared up. the decision on the issue is expected next month. >>> preps are underway for the 2013 presidential inaugur
Sep 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's an ideological battle between the president and john roberts. this is his first tv interview he's given on the book and we're thrilled about that. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. i am thrilled to be here and thrilled to have it done. >> you're passionate. >> it's been incredible. >> thank you. >> this relationship between president obama and john roberts is really fascinating. it got off to that kind of odd start with the oath that was administered where he sort of botched it. and we're going to put up on the screen for the script of the oath of office that the justice was supposed to administer. >> this is such a weird story. i always wondered why did they mess it up? why did it happen? and what happened was john roberts prepared this document. this document has never been seen in public before. and this is a document where he sketched out exactly how he was going to do the oath with the spaces indicated. and you can see, i barack obama do solemnly swear. his assistant sent it to a secretary in the joint inaugural committee, congress' committee. that secretary
Sep 21, 2012 12:00am PDT
the "gma" anchor how romney could rise above the fray. >>> and robin roberts beginning the battle of her life. how's she doing? we'll find out. >> i feel the love and i thank you for it. >> plus, battleground america. two surprising takes on the 47% and what it means in one corner, grover norquist and in the other corner, top democrat robert reish. >>> plus who is behind the terror attack that killed ambassador chris stevens? does the trail lead to al qaeda? former attorney general michael mukazy. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. our big story, mitt romney giving 100% now to move beyond his gaffe about the 47%. listen to the candidate today in sarasota, florida. >> this is a campaign about all of america, about the poor, we want to bring in the middle class. about the middle class who we want to give a break to. they're really struggling in the middle class with those higher costs and lower take-home pay. i want to help all americans and my five points will do it. >> meanwhile, president obama facing tough questions in a forum by the spanish language univision network. >
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
made for a first down. >> golden debut. this morning the city is buzzing about robert griffin iii. hear from the rookie on his first game as a red skin. >>> and the comment that mitt romney made that is getting a lot of attention this morning. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we have a sweater alert for you. temperatures took a big dip. some of us waking up to temperatures in the 40s. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein back with us this week and brought us cooler weather. >>> heading off to school, going to need jeans and a sweatshirt. that's for the teachers. they're dressing down lately. and students too. you're going to need to layer up a bit this morning, a chill in the air. that's a live view from our satellite and radar. storm team 4 looking down upon us there from space showing a clear sky, thanks to high pressure that is pushed in over the last 24 hours. right now it's only in the 40s these areas in blue. west virginia, western maryland, and central shenandoah valley. these dark green areas, the low 50s. that includes most o
Sep 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
no to sex." robert hatcher: i think that parents and children must be willing to say that if you choose to be sexually active, here's what you must do to be responsible so you're not hurting someone else, and you're not hurting yourself. we cannot say that word. and you know what's amazing? we do with alcohol. we say, "if you drink, remember, don't drive." we don't think that way in terms of infection control. isn't that sad? and this is where we really go wrong with teens. we try to tell them immediately that we know better for them, and we really don't what their experience is like. we don't listen to them. we don't know what they're hearing. we don't know what they think their options are before we begin to tell them, and if you are listening and you understand what they think their options are, then you can help them to broaden their options. but many times teens don't think they have any choice. they must do, in order to have friends, they must wear this, they must do this thing... you know, they must engage in this behavior. or if they want to have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, th
Sep 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
of 60 kashmir was robert hackert, a man with a history of violence in numerous felony convictions. on the morning of february 16, a team of officers who set up outside the apartment to conduct a probation search. once it was determined that sector was in sight, the officer's watch for several hours as this aspect -- suspects came and left sparking a suspicion that he was engaged in narcotics trafficking that day. there was a female suspect that the brought to children inside the suspected drug house. at 10:30 hours he emerged from the front door and had a cell phone conversation before going back inside. at 11:30 a male subjects and to the house and officers took the time of advantage to make their approach to the front door and yelled out police, a provision search and enter the residence. manning encountered heckert walking down a hallway toward him. manning sa anw a concerning said. he sought a loaded gun in his hand. he instinctively call that gun to officers and anyone else. he grabbed for the gun, and they were engaged in locked in hand- to-hand combat. heckert pulled him in
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. attorneys for 15-0 robert gladden say he went to school armed with a shotgun because he expected to be killed. david collins joins us from towson with the latest. >> his attorneys described that desire as suicide by cop. testimony revealed that gladden is under suicide watch. his attorneys described him as scared, depressed, and overwhelmed by his personal circumstances. according to his attorneys, 15- year-old robert gladden went to perry hall high school armed with a shotgun because he expected and desired to be killed. >> i think we are dealing with a child who primarily was motivated to commit suicide by cop. what he was doing was acting out in a terrible fashion in the hope that somebody other than him would pull the trigger for him and he would perish. >> one of his attorneys had previously said he took the gun to school to intimidate bullies and had no intention of pulling the trigger. baltimore county investigators would not confirm claims that he was a victim of bullying. 17-year-old daniel barley several gunshot to the back and was recently released from hospital. the g
Sep 6, 2012 4:00am PDT
gathered at a mississippi church to celebrate the life of lucimarian roberts, the mother of robin roberts. robin said, thank you for remembering my mother. diane sawyer and charlie gibson were among those to pay their respects. mrs. roberts was the first african-american to head the mississippi state board of education. she was buried alongside her husband, a former tuskegee airman. >>> it is time, now, for the weather from across the nation. hope it's nice where you are. but you're going to see hail and gusty winds from southern nebraska to amarillo. showers into the carolinas. late-day thunderstorms from pittsburgh to northern new england. >> mostly 80s in the northeast and the nation's midsection. triple-digits from texas into the desert southwest. >>> when we come back this morning, can you really trademark a color? well, a court ruling that has some people seeing red. >>> and then, video of a chilling bank heist. armed gunmen kidnapping the bank manager and strapping on what they said was a bomb. >>> and we'll lighten the mood a little later in the show. hot on the heels of her speec
Sep 30, 2012 11:00am PDT
was here. robert woods. robert weber, karen huggins, i'm going to mispronounce this name. eiled banningpadon. >> shar on short and guon wu 10. if anyone else wants to speak, fill out a card. doesn't matter the order >> governor. supervisors, i am robert weber, i come to you as a resident of san francisco housing authority. i would like to mention i'm a community organizer fully educateed on the sunshine ordinance. when i found out the commission met without being recorded and taped, i was pretty astonished. i am choosing my words carefully as i have blundered in the past. as a tenant of sfhs, i would like to lend my support to the long standing reputation for dysfunction. while talking to my building manager, she informed me she received a large shipment of goods costing thousands of dollars she did not order. upon returning the merchandise, she was told she could only get half back. the supervisor told her to pay it. these are only the incidences i know of. if you take these incidents and multiply them by all of the housing authority housing and the millions of dollars, the peo
Sep 13, 2012 9:00pm PDT
and after that robert. >> i am bruce, a slip holder at south beach and also a member of the yacht club. thank you for listening. just as a comment -- i do not know if you are responsible for turning around here 29 after the fire, but it is amazing. someone needs to be commended for that. to get insurance paid, to start reconstruction going, we all appreciated. i would back up the previous comments, because there is some real hardship for some of the people there, and there are both growing beards there really are not -- there are boats growing beards that really are not sailing or boating. i think there needs to be a tighter rein on that. just a quick grocery list. $10 per crewmember per visit is pretty severe. these are sailboats. very few of them can be sailed alone. the past system is working now. it seems to me to be very satisfactory. the one-car permit per berth might be better to be per owner, because some cannot have it boats. i think needs to be a differentiation their. changing the parking seems to be something like fixing something that is not broken. we have an overflow and
Sep 23, 2012 10:00am EDT
important for us to respect like the arch ways >> reporter: the arch ways are great. roberts' personally designed each of the inn's guest rooms in honor of a famous couple in literature. there's one dedicated to elizabeth and darcy from pride and prejudice. >> so it's got a little reej ensy flavor >> reporter: jane and rochester from jane ayer. and even eve and rourke from her science fiction series >> if i can't name a room after my own characters in my own inn, who can? so this is much more contemporary or a little bit futuristic with touches like the chairs and the pop of orange in the antiquey looking dresser. >> reporter: roberts used the renovation of the inn as the back drop for a fictional trilogy about boonsboro. and the town is something of a family preoccupation. her son owns the local pizza joint. and her second husband, bruce welder, owns the bookstore. what's fun about being married to nora roberts? >> it's all good, you know. she's a fun person to be around. she's very creative. i love her. >> reporter: loves her so much he's got a whole section devoted to his wife's amazi
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
better. we're two days removed from robert griffin iii's shocking debut. the ferrari kick-started the season in high gear and showed off plays like this, the option. we'll delve deeper in sports as the news edge at 6:00 continues.  >>> thousands of cars blowing through maryland's ez pass lanes burning a big hole in the state's wallet. it's suspected there are eight rental companies that owe between $80,000 and $200,000 each. the maryland transportation authority estimates nearly 650,000 drivers owe $6.7 million in unpaid tolls dating back five years. >>> starting tomorrow mobile medical vans will be fanning out across prince george's county stoppi at schools offering medical and dental services. >> there will be eight vans that will go around to 175 schools, and they will provide dental care, and nine of the schools will actually get medical care. it's part of our effort to provide access to quality healthcare throughout prince george's county. >> if you are interested in having your child seen by one of the mobile medical vans contact the health depa
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am EDT
.a.'s biggest secrets. >> robert rawshenberg, frank stela, david hockney >> reporter: and this is throughout the hospital >> it's everywhere. we're trying to an environment conducive to healing >> reporter: join us to explore this vast collection of contemporary treasures few people even know exist later on sunday morning. >> osgood: among other things, fall means a new season for entertainment. throughout the morning we'll be looking ahead to what's on offer. in the field of pop music, that means a new offering from the rock band "no doubt." anthony mason has been sampling the tracks. >> reporter: it's been more than a decade since "no doubt" released a new record. but one of the '90s' biggest bands is back. >> the boys rehearse way more than me because i kind of feel like i'll just wing it. >> reporter: style icon and lead singer gwen stefani has returned to her roots. ahead on sunday morning, "no doubt" is making music again. >> osgood: nora roberts is a novelist who is anything but a novelty in this or any other publishing season. this morning she shares some of her wildly successful boo
Sep 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
tent will be robert caro talking about lbj, his fourth volume. in the series the passage of power coming and he will be followed by e. elizabeth cowling taylor a slave in the white house, paul jennings and the medicines. those are the next speakers in the history and biography tent. we want to remind you that is webcasting that even from the contemporary life pavilion here at the national book festival. succumb if you want to tune in over there you can go to come completely separate feed from what we are showing you here ron book tv on c-span2. we are live down on the wall and we are joined by susan tejada in this book "in search of sacco and vanzetti." what happened april 15th, 1920? >> on that day, two men were delivering cash boxes of payroll to a shoe factory went out of nowhere to gunmen appeared, shot them dead, grabbed the boxes, threw them into an approaching getaway car and left guns blazing. that crime several weeks later resulted in the arrest of sacco and vanzetti. >> with a guilty? >> this is an unsolved mystery that cannot be proven. however, i
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